Vaginismus and fear

It is normal for women who suffer from vaginismus to feel fear.

They are afraid

  • that they aren’t normal because they cannot have penetrative sex or only whilst experiencing great pain.
  • to go to see a doctor because they don’t want to hear there is something wrong.
  • that an examination will hurt.
  • to talk about the problem with others.
  • to be seen as some kind of freak.
  • that others will find out about their vaginismus.
  • that it will always stay this way.
  • that therapy won’t work.
  • to lose their partner.
  • they won’t be able to get pregnant.
  • they won’t be able to have children.
  • they aren’t real women.
  • to try and change the situation, for fear of failure.

All these fears are natural –

There’s no need to have fear –  as this all can change, often within three to four sessions of only 90 minutes.