Symptoms of vaginismus

Typical statements from women suffering from vaginismus, before therapy:

  •  My sex life is not satisfying; I am not able to have intercourse.
  •  I feel pain during intercourse.
  •  I experience a burning sensation around the genital area.
  •  Inserting tampons is really hurts.
  •  I’m afraid to see a gynecologist.
  •  I think there is something wrong with my body.
  •  I don`t think I´m normal. I want to be a healthy woman.
  •  A doctor once asked if I was ever sexually abused as a child, but I wasn`t.
  •  Trying to relax doesn’t help, nor does drinking alcohol.
  •  I’m afraid to lose my boyfriend/ spouse.
  •  I’ve already tried many therapies without any luck.


Typical statements of boyfriends/spouses:

  • I can’t get my penis in very far.
  • I push up against some kind of wall.
  • The vagina is closed off or ends there.
  • I don’t want to hurt my girlfriend/wife.
  • I wonder if I’m doing something wrong.
  • I wonder if there is something wrong with me.
  • Maybe she doesn`t love me enough.
  • I sometimes struggle with erectile dysfunction because I`ve lost my drive.
  • When we attempt to have intercourse, I just know it`s not going to work, which very frustrating.