All of the stories below have been written by couples or women that came to Dr. Julia Reeve`s Vaginismus Therapy. Ages and scenarios described are real. The names and pictures have been changed to preserve the privacy of the patients involved.



  Babsi (30) and Johnny (30) Deciding to take Vaginismus Therapy sessions with Dr. Reeve was the best decision that my boyfriend and I could ever have made in a lifetime.
After just 6 days at home, we were at long last able to have sex.

  Alexandra (21) The therapy brought light into the darkness for me! I was astonished that I was able to insert bigger dilators after such a short time.
  Katrin (27) and Wilhelm (42) It was simply just beautiful and afterwards we were both totally happy. It was just very simple and beautiful. We feel happiness and satisfaction during sexual intercourse now.
  Jasmin (26) I’m so happy thanks to this successful experience, and am eternally grateful to Dr. Reeve.
  Leonie (35) and Maximilian (34) We are overjoyed, now that we are able to have a normal relationship. I was ashamed and afraid because it was the first time I had to talk to someone about this subject.
  Louise (31) and Gerhard (35) I still can’t believe that I’m writing this. At night we tried having intercourse for the first time after the therapy and it worked!
  Steffi (32) and Harry (33) For me, and for us, meeting Dr. Reeve caused a turnaround in our love life. After our holiday I became pregnant, something we wouldn’t have dared to dream about just a few months earlier. Sex is actually becoming fun!
  Leonie (31) and Peter (30) After the second therapy session, Leonie was able to insert the largest of the dilators without any pain. She was able to undergo a gynecological exam with a speculum without any discomfort and was able to insert a tampon!

Just three days after the therapy Leonie and Peter were able to have intercourse for the first time!