After Dr. Julia Reeve`s vaginismus therapy

Most couples, approximately 95%, have pain-free penetrative sex within 10 or at most 30 days after three vaginismus therapy sessions. These sessions last about 90 minutes and are held on three consecutive days. In a few cases, more than three sessions are needed. This depends on the fear factor involved and how intense fear is. Often single women seeking therapy haven`t found the person they want to have sex with yet and sometimes need therapy sessions at a later date again, with or without their new partner, depending on whether they want to tell the new partner about the vaginismus or not.

After the therapy and overcoming vaginismus, it is usually possible to have pain-free intercourse, to insert tampons, to undergo gynecological examinations, to get pregnant in a natural way and to experience normal childbirth.
Once the vaginismus reflex is “lost” it will not come back again.

We always start with three therapy sessions, then evaluate your progress after 30 days. In most cases, we have positive feedback before the thirty day period is over.