Accountability Partner

An accountability partner is someone you trust and who helps you reach your goals. But why is it important to have an accountability partner during Dr. Reeve`s Vaginismus Therapy?

We know that patients who work with an accountability partner reach their goals faster, are less likely to give up, and are more successful.

The best accountability partner during vaginismus therapy is a spouse or boyfriend. They are the ones who stand on the sidelines and shout “you can do it!”. They are your “personal fan club.” They come to therapy sessions with you and learn how to guide you through the training program at home. They are also in need of therapy as well – to fully understand why their wife/girlfriend suffers from vaginismus and to understand how it can be treated.
Dr. Julia Reeve`s Vaginismus Therapy treats couples suffering from vaginismus. So if there is a husband/boyfriend, they should accompany you to therapy.

If you`re single, you can choose a different accountability partner like a sister, mother, aunt or close friend. Choose someone you can trust.

However, it`s often hard to find someone you can trust and talk to about your vaginismus; in that case, you can come to the therapy sessions on your own. Not to worry, many single women have been very successful in therapy.